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Discounts for active games!

If your listing has the verified status and your game is constantly receiving votes, you can get up to 20% on our advertising offer. Contact us for details. Games that reach the 20% discount value will receive automatically a coupon code that will be visible in their interface and will be also send by email.

Prices depend on the exposure you want and period. A campaign offering relevant spots on the site starts negotiation at $0.35 CPC and varies based on how many clicks you wish to purchase. We have a conversion rates that range between 15% and 30% for browser games, depending on how appealing the game seems to be. All our traffic is clean and comes from relevant sources such as Google searches and players from other games visiting to vote. 70% of the traffic is English speaking and the rest comes mostly from Europe countries. We provide you with realtime stats through our Network Advertising Platform at MMORPG Advertising.

Banners should be .jpeg, .gif, flash, javascript, or html, should not open pop ups or play sounds, and their animations shouldn't last more than 15 seconds.

Following spots are available:
  • 300x250
  • 728x90
Exclusive spots:
  • 150x200
  • 200x280
  • We make the banners for exclusive spots, at free cost, to any advertiser interested in advertising on them.
    If you wish to advertise anything else we can offer text advertising, articles, and other options, but we keep this type of advertising very limited. We do not provide link exchange. Thank you for understanding.

Premium Membership:

To have a listing that stands out among others and also have additional score each count interval, you can purchase premium membership. Its the most affordable type of advertising we offer, check it out. Premium members will also be listed on the featured games page.

Summarizing some of its advantages, as premium member your game:
  • Is listed on our featured page.
  • Receives +500 votes every month.
  • Receives the play now button directly from listing.
  • Get an improved appearance, attracting the attention of potential players.
  • Receives complete access to registrations tracking feature.

Featured Games:

Currently featured games (the ones having the featured flag and that appear in the featured game spot) are selected by us based on how interesting we consider them to be. This is not a paid status! Please do not insist for it as it is not an advertising option. You have plenty of other ways to promote your game on, lets leave "featured" for what it is.


For detailed information on how to get your game listing verified please login to your account and check the [My Games] section in the upper menu.

Gift Shop Cooperation Model:

When a registered user vote or review a game he/she gain gold. Those gold will be exchanged for items in our Gift Shop. Your game can become sponsor of our gift shop by donating any items usable in your game such as credits, creatures, currency, and others. The possibilities are unlimited. As a sponsor you receive multiple advantages, such as listing in our sponsors area and exposition to thousands of daily visitors.

For detailed information of this FREE and very successful cooperation model please contact us.


You may contact us for any support issue, validation request, advertising or any inquiry through our contact form. From Monday to Friday, our response time ranges between 1 and 24 hours depending on your issue or request.

Contact us.